Thursday, 9 October 2014

In the Home: DIY Pallet Ottoman

Here today with another furniture DIY for your home! I love a unique piece of furniture and what's better than a custom piece, made by you! This is the 3rd piece that my husband and I have made together and I'm hoping for many more! You can find our coffee table DIY here and coat rack DIY here! We recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary and the traditional gift is cotton, so the cushion of this lovely ottoman is our cotton gift to each other:) It will always be great memory of our 2 years! I think next year is wood, so we'll have to get creative! 
This palette is another dumpster find that I fought with my husband over keeping, promising him that I could make it into something cool!

What you'll need:
one 2x4 piece of plywood cut into 4's (optional)
dark walnut wood stain
power drill (not pictured)
large piece of foam cut to fit, found at Jo-anns
2 yards of durable upholstery with matching thread (jo-anns)
3 yards of cotton batting (optional, not pictured)
sewing machine (not pictured)
flexidip spray paint 
scotchgard fabric protector
sticky velcro 
if working indoors, use a drop cloth or blanket to protect your floors

We wanted our ottoman to be a bit taller so we could also use it at our dining room table when we have guests. This part is optional because it's not necessary, unless you just want to use it as a reinforcement to make the wheels more secure. We layered them on top of each other to give it the look of another pallet. Measure the placement of the wheels and make holes for the screws.
Sand generously and a stain. I stained it a few times to make sure it was dark enough. Read all instructions on the can of stain. Wood stain must be wiped off with a clean cloth, it can't be left on the wood. Let each coat dry in between coats.
The sewing part was the more challenging part of this project but for my first time making a slipcover, I'm pretty proud! I measured 8 inches out from the perimeter of the foam, slit the corners and sewed (with a sewing machine) them together, to make a box like cover for the foam to sit in. I made a separate back panel of material and sewed two sides of it to the box slipcover. On the other two corners, I sewed velcro. This will make it easy to slip in and off for washing/cleaning. I then covered the foam in batting (for a longer foam life) and hand sewed it together. 
We sprayed the wheels with flexidip spray paint (rubber in a can) to prevent the metal from scratching the wood floors, we probably did 4 coats of this. I like how it took them from shiny metal to a matte grey. We then screwed on the wheels, sprayed the cushion with scotchguard and viola! I love the versatility of this ottoman and how easy it is to move around. Now I'm ready to reupholster a sofa, haha, not quite!
I love the feel of dark woods with bright accents! 
So does our furry friend, go check out his instagram @frescothelionhead

In the Home!

rae xo

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