Monday, 1 December 2014

In the Spotlight: Vintage Mint Chic by Natalie Poole

Looking for a great gift idea for a precious new born or baby this holiday season. Well, look no further. Natalie Poole of Vintage Mint Chic on Etsy brings you a beautiful and vibrant selection of cozy and cute baby booties for this holiday season and beyond. Just like us Natalie is a midwest girl who loves to craft and create. Check out her story In the Spotlight today!

Starting my own baby booties shop on Etsy

Let’s face it, babies are so tiny, squishy, and just positively adorable when they come in to this world! In my life, it seems like everyone close to me is currently experiencing baby fever. As soon as I know it the baby shower has arrived and I start to ponder “what is the perfect gift to give to the expectant mother??” In the past, I would always start the search on Pinterest and Etsy for that perfect gift, and found many great gift options, but then I realized “why don’t I just make my own unique baby gift?” I love to sew and be creative, why not? And that is where my ideastarted!   

I love Etsy and have always wanted to start my own shop, consisting of handmade items that cannot be found in a common retail shop – baby booties! I began my research on how to start and be successful, including joining a few Etsy teams, which I highly recommend. Etsy teams can help you in many different aspects, such as critiquing your shop and listings, helping you advertise and get your company name out there to more customers, and other helpful tidbits along the way. After this, I started production! Let’s just say, my life consisted of sewing, sewing, sewing for the first couple of weeks. I was pumped up, so there were many nights that turned into all-nighters, as us design students called it in college. Busting out these cute little pairs of baby booties, especially at first, took quite some time and determination. I was definitely in the trial and error phase, experimenting with different patterns and fabrics. Once I found the styles that I loved, I decided my design concept would be vintage + modern + upcycled. Here is a sample of what my Etsy page is all about: 

Having grown up around many empowering women, my passion for starting my own business and utilizing my creative skills and ideas began at an early age. As a Midwest girl, I have many fond childhood memories of spending summer holidays at my grandparents' farm, watching my grandmother intricately hand stitch family heirlooms. Because my grandmother and mother both taught me how to sew, I have always found joy in sewing and realized early on the expressive nature that could be constructed from handcrafting a unique design into a piece of fabric. With a background in design, I began this shop to show the world of Etsy my unique little creations for the little ones in all of our lives! I've been working with children for the past five years and want to share my experiences through my artistic and Eco friendly side. I hope upon visiting and purchasing from my shop that you will recognize my passion for handmade design and all of the heart, soul, and time that goes into making each piece. My handcrafted booties currently cater to newborns (0-3 months). I put love and care in to each one of my products sold in my Etsy shop, and I strive to create one of a kind unique items. I practice sustainability in my everyday life and always try to utilize Eco friendly and recycled materials in my baby booties. Thanks for reading my little story and I hope you now have a better sense about who I am, as a little bootiesdesigner, as well as my products that I stand behind. Enjoy my shop and thank you for supporting small businesses and the artsy individuals that make Etsy such a fun place to purchase uniquely splendid products!

Since opening my shop this past July, I have decided to branch out to baby boots, baby bibs, and possibly some baby clothing for the upcoming winter season. I just love having my own shop and starting my own business! This was a goal that was always at the top of my bucket list, which has nowfinally coming true! The fun adventures and tribulations that come with starting your own shop on Etsy can be stressful but at the same timevery exciting! Especially when I am notified that someone has purchased a pair of my booties! Shipping them to different parts of the nation and realizing that aspeciallittlekiddo will be receiving this unique and handcrafted pair of booties is a great feeling!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and if you have a bucket list of your ownI encourage you to just go for it! Don’t just sit there, letting time pass you by, realizing later on that you wish you would have done that!
And if you happen to need the cutest little pair of baby booties for your newborn or an upcoming baby shower, check out my shop on Etsy!
Thanks for reading!

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