Thursday, 11 December 2014

Inspiration: DIY gift wrapping

14 Days till Christmas!!!! Are you counting down? Still shopping? Needing gift wrapping inspiration? We wanted to bring you a fun and different wrapping DIY... If you're wondering if we're native american, the answer is... partly, yes! Well, one of our midwest girls (Amber) has tracked her heritage family tree back to Pocahontas!! However, that wasn't our inspiration behind our, very native american themed, gift wrapping... When we went to the craft store, we knew we wanted to do stenciling on brown paper... Once we found the aztec designed stencil, the feathers and color scheme fell into place:) 
Before we start a project, we always like to get everything out we might need, even if we don't end up using it... It's always easier than searching for it while you're in the middle of your project:)

What we used:
brown wrapping paper
metallic and matte craft paint
aztec stencil
gold rope
jute rope
copper wire
2 different colored tissue paper
sponge paint brush
wire cutters
1.Wrap all your gifts, (write the names on the bottom)
2.Arrange your stencil where you want accents 
3.Hold stencil flat, tight and secure and begin painting
4.Clean off excess paint before moving to the next row
5.Add a little freehand painting for a personalized touch!
6.Let dry for 30-45 min

Tip: a little paint goes a long way! If your brush is over loaded with paint, it can seep under your stencil, leaving you with a paint blob... We learned that the hard way...
Creating the feathers was the most time consuming part of this project but so worth it!

1.Make your feather shape on a brown paper bag and cut out, this is to help you trace your feathers onto the tissue
2.Trace your feather shapes on tissue and cut
3.Make fring like slits on both sides
4.Secure different colors and shapes together with copper wire
5.Tie feathers with your choice of string or rope and decorate your gifts

Tip: Create 3 different size feathers for balance and for smaller gifts. To save time, cut slits on multiple feathers at a time. Speaking from experience:)

All designs are MWGS originals
These personalized gifts are sure to impress! If you're giving gift cards, this would be a great way to dress up your envelopes as well... 

Happy gift giving!!
Rae and Amber xo

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